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that it agreed to negotiate about its nuclear program directly with the united states. the white house dismissed the same report yesterday. iran says talks are ongoing with an international coalition of six nations that include the u.s., china, and russia, but it says there have been no discussions outside that group. reaction from israel has been mixed with some worrying that iran is only buying time. france's foreign minister said iran could produce a nuclear weapon by early next year. iran shure to be a big topic in tomorrow's debate between president obama and mitt romney. angie goff will be gathering your feedback. to join the conversation, use #dctalks. >>> it's been a long time since metro riders have seen this, working escalators maryland schools are number one in america because we invest in them. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it will mean hundreds of millions of dollars for our schools. as governor, i can pr
, so there was really no danger. but they say he was intent when he first came to the united states to carry out some kind of terror attack of the he considered many attacks, spouted off at one point about wanting to kill the president. decided on some target in new york, some financial target. scouted out the new york stock exchange. and then settled on the building you're seeing the pictures of now, the federal government bank. he actually went along with this undercover guy who provided him, whatexplosives. assembled the bomb, drove it down to the federal reserve bank, went to a hotel room nearby and repeatedly dialed the cell phone number that he thought would set off the bomb. but of course, the whole thing was inert. as soon as he dialed the number, they arrested him. >> do we know any more about this guy, about what led him to this? >> he's from bangladesh. he's 21 years old, came to the united states in january, as i say, on a student visa. appears to have wanted to commit jihad from the moment he got here. there's no indication he was doing anything other than acting alone.
. >>> hours after arriving in the united states, five terror suspects pleaded not guilty today in federal court. suspects fought extradition from england for years. today they were charged with recruiting terrorists and providing terrorist groups with money and equipment. four of the five men pleaded not guilty'sthe fifth suspect did not enter a plea but it charged with attempting to set up a terrorist training camp in oregon. all of the men face up to life in prison if convicted. >>> pope benedict's former butler found guilty today of stealing thousands of vatican documents including some of the pope's private letters alleging corruption within the church. poolo was sentenced to 18 months in prison. he'll begin serving time under house arrest and many expect him to be pardoned by pope benedict. gabriela does not feel like a heave and did what he did out of love for the church. >>> back here at home, metro riders will soon see controversial ads at several stations. the ads from the american freedom defense initiative suggest radical islamists are savages. metro tried to delay putting them
the united states. >> reporter: the soldiers have spent the last ten months in afghanistan. it was tough at times for wives like lamonica. she and her husband have nine children together. >> just trying to maintain stability at home with the family, it's been rough. >> reporter: but when her husband stepped off the bus, those troubles faded away and the future was immediately brighter. >> i feel like i was -- i just exhaled, you know. i feel like i'm more relaxed now and things will be better that my husband is home. >> it feels good. i mean, i don't really know how to describe it, but it's like a weight is lifted off my shoulders. i have been gone for so long and i miss everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the unit of 70 soldiers managed a dining facility, mail operations, and logistics and conducted personnel convoys and security details at bagram air base. the woman who made this banner for her daughter could not hold back the tears. what did you miss most? >> just her. >> reporter: emotional moment? >> yes. >> reporter: what's it like to be home? >> it feels good. i'm happ
of the united states -- that, that unemployment rate is going to come down, not because people are giving up and dropping out of the workforce, but because we're creating more jobs. >> reporter: on social media, some conservatives accuse the obama administration of doctoring the jobs number. former general electric ceo jack welch wrote "unbelievable job numbers. the chicago guys will do anything. can't debate, so change the numbers. >> it's ludicrous to hear that kind of statement. >> reporter: secretary of labor denies any political motivations a saying the numbers are real. while romney launches tv ad as promising to do better than president obama. >> i have a detailed plan to create 12 million new jobs. >> reporter: obama is celebrating this report. >> this country has come too far to turn back now. >> reporter: a benchmark, he says, proves america is on the right track. economists say the number of new jobs being created is not enough to significantly lower the unemployment rate. the next jobs report comes out in four days before the election. reporting live on capitol hill, i'm danielle
. meanwhile, nato, the alliance that the united states and other european countries are a part of, have been holding emergency sessions. they're debating whether or not the attack on turkey justifies a response from the entire nato alliance. >> citizens have been killed inside turkey. by forces from another country. so we express our strong solidarity with turkey. but we don't want to see a continuing escalation of this incident. >> reporter: there is an article in the charter of that organization that says an attack on one country constitutes an attack on all of its members, justifying the use of military force. but it is the latest example as to how the conflict in syria is now spiraling out of control and jeopardizing the entire region with more conflict. nbc news, istanbul. >>> family and friends of the border agent who was killed in arizona on tuesday spoke publicly today about their loss. 30-year-old nicholas ivy and two other men were patrolling the border with mexico near arizona when gunfire broke out. today members of ivy's family spoke out about the wife and two daughters that he
these students can help make history by voting yes or question 6. >> the united states stands for eliminating all forms of discrimination. we offer hope to people around the world. we've got to take care of business first in our own country. marriage equality is a matter of basic fairness. >> reporter: for years state senator richard mattelino has been at the center of the fight. >> for me, my partner and kids and thousands of other gay and lesbian families, that marriage will mean a brighter future for us all. >> reporter: the maryland legislature passed a bill making same-sex marriage legal this year. but opponents in an attempt to stop it circulated petitions and got tens of thousands of signatures statewide in order to put question 6 on the ballot. angela mccaskill, the chief diversity officer at the university was placed on leave. they say it was inappropriate for her to sign the initiative. >> this is something where a private citizen said, let's let the people decide on it. and the chief diversity officer, that was about fairness. >> reporter: the leaders of the campaign to vote yes on que
, the united states. >> a lot of us will continue fighting for freedom. >> reporter: hugo chavez is battling cancer. were it to take his life in the first four years of his term, the vice president would serve only for 30 days, just enough time to hold another election. nbc news, venezuela. >>> feeling a bit wintry here now. everybody's packing up their summer clothes. but summer's not done completely. >> no. not at all. battle of the seasons going on right now. and put it out there on facebook and twitter. a lot of you responded. about 70% of the people, do you like it? i know you do. >> i like it. >> i figured both of you would like it. i know doreen, when she was sitting here was like, no, a little too early for me. but 70% of you on my facebook and twitter pages were saying, hey, bring on this nice weather and bring in the cooler weather. about 3% were saying, where's the snow? can we get to the snow? well, hey, we've still got a month, maybe two months before we start talking about any of the snow. out there today, a high temperature of only 55 degrees. that is one degree shy of a recor
project and i believe at that time, the governor want to be the vice president of the united states. it was a very ideological issue for him to handle. >> reporter: the virginia transportation secretary shot back of a our interview saying in an e-mail, we've advocated greater transparency and better internal controls on the use of the if you understand by board members. he chose to be part of the problem. not part of the solution. he won't be leaving the board quietly tomorrow. he said he plans to talk about issues with the authorities' staff, leadership and the public may get the short end of the stick in the end. >> what good is your vote if the elected officials at the end of the day will still tell you what to do. why do you need an unelected board? at that point, you're just rubber staching things. >> the project is costing about $6 billion. much of the funding come from tolls collected on the dulles toll road. >>> another memorable day for members of the d.c. national guard who just returned home from afghanistan. >> those men and women are part of the 273nd military police ba
last night was an insult to the members of the united states navy. what he was saying we've evolved so much that we don't need as many ships. >> reporter: this national guardsman who help introduce springsteen said he is be offensed. >> republicans will look to any spin to try to make the president look bad and i feel like they're just grasping at emair. >> reporter: both sides recognize now that the debates are over, the energy and resources will all be dedicated to getting supporters to the polls. ♪ we take care of our own ♪ we take care of our own >> reporter: spring street and his e street band perform here in charlottesville tonight. in the next few days it will be a blitz of the candidates. on thursday the president will be in rich monday. paul ryan will be in charlottesville on. sun mitt romney holds a rally. >>> one question after that final presidential debate is whether either of the candidates performed well enough that the contest will be tipped now one way or the other. especially in hotly contested states such as florida. steve handelsman was at the debate and joins u
't told u.s. diplomats in libya asked for more security. >> when the vice president of the united states directly contradicts the testimony, sworn testimony of state department officials, american citizens have a right to know just what's going on. >> reporter: back in cincinnati, a bakery is polling ohio voters with cookie sales. so far, it's obama in the lead. just four days until the president and mitt romney face off again in their second debate on long island. from cincinnati, steve handelsman, news4. doreen, back to you. >>> i'll take it, steve. all the hype during the baseball season may come down to game five. the nats won a heart-pounding game against the cardinals last night. now all they've got to do is one more time. dan hellie down in nats park for more on this. >> this is why you do it, vance. why you grind out 162 games during the regular season. spring trning, if you're a fan, it's why you have season tickets. gave five of the divisional series tonight. the nationals sending their best pitcher to the mound, hoping to take down the defending world series champions, and mov
of the united states of america. >> reporter: if the democrats do win here, is that really it? >> everyone always says, no republican has been elected president without ohio. and that's absolutely true. but you know, every four years we break rules. >> reporter: the obama plans to take ohio, plus iowa and wisconsin, or new hampshire, or colorado, maybe virginia. >> the problem for the president, he has leads in these swing states by two, three points. the problem is, he's not over 50% in any of them. >> reporter: and 50-plus one is the winning number. so the pace will stay intense. governor romney tonight in iowa, president obama on the "tonight show" in l.a., then a late, late night rally in nevada, then an air force one red-eye to tampa to start tomorrow's swing state push in florida. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >>> indiana senate candidate trying explain a comment about abortion in cases of rape. here's what richard mourdock said last night that got such a reaction. >> i struggled with it myself for a long time but came to realize that life is a gift from god. i think even when life be
the most populated area in the united states, nearly 60 million people could be affected by this storm. take a look and we'll show you what's happening over the next couple of days. tomorrow, no problem. 62 on sunday. things go downhill sunday afternoon, monday and tuesday we see the worst of this storm. things start to improve on wednesday. that, of course, is halloween. it will be tough for the kids to get out there and do a little trick-or-treating. could be some damage. >> thank you, doug. >>> now, can we all take a big deep breath in, and then let it out slowly. and then over the next four, five days, let's do that again and again, often. here's the deal. we all know by now there's a storm coming. big one. no joke. i heard a guy from the national weather office today saying in his 40-some year career he's never seen conditions like this come together. another one said he'll probably never see anything else like this in his lifetime. yesterday, a point that doug rarely gets scared by weather but he said this one could be scary. all that from the experts, masters of their craft. the
state 41-23. other football united visits chicago trying to lock up the second seed in the east. d.c. down 1-0. 50th minute. heads it in. >>> and that's the news for
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